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We use our exceptional scientific and engineering background, interdisciplinary knowledge, strong commitment and motivation, and unique Collective Knowledge approach to quickly set up innovative and ambitious R&D projects while delivering results of highest value, on time. We help our partners set up and lead highly innovative and interdisciplinary R&D projects:

Live demo of co-designing AI-based applications across the whole SW/HW/model stack using Collective Knowledge: reusable AI artifacts, Android app to crowdsource benchmarking of deep learning across numerous devices from IoT to cloud provided by volunteers similar to SETI@home, live repository with continouosly aggregated optimization results, realistic AI training set, CK-powered compiler crowd-tuning, ARM demo from TechCon'16.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our services, joint R&D projects and proposals, or long-term investments to enhance our technology in 2018!

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